Forensic Reports And Testimony. A Guide To Effective Communication For Psychologists And Psychiatrists

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Forensic Reports & Testimony: A Guide to Effective Communication for Psychologists and Psychiatrists provides a roadmap for the mental health professional who wants to provide consistently accurate, defensible, and useful reports and testimony to the legal system

Authors Randy K

DeMier, and Marcus Boccaccini, recognized experts in the field, cover all aspects of the process, including preparing affidavits and reports, preparing for depositions, and testifying

Every written or spoken communication for the courts must be clear and precise, and distinguish between facts, inferences, and opinions

Forensic Reports Testimony provides the guidelines and models forensic psychologists and forensic psychiatrists need to make that happen.

Otto, Richart L

This book uniquely Shows the critical differences between forensic psychological reports and the clinical reports psychologists and psychiatrists are accustomed to writing Includes and explains important maxims of forensic report writing, including separating facts from inferences, focusing on offering expert opinions, explaining why you think what you think, and connecting the dots between facts and conclusions Provides numerous examples of experts testimony, affidavits, reports-with commentary and critiques Expert forensic work deserves to be presented in a clear, precise, and understandable way so that it is useful to attorneys, judges, and juries

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